Dr. Greene has been my Chiropractor since 1986, 26 years. He has been excellent practitioner of chiropractic during those years. I see him to keep my body in good functional performance on a regular basis and other times to repair my body after numerous collisions with walls, fences and the ground after playing much racket ball, tennis, skiing and softball. He is also a gentleman and friend who is supportive during difficult emotional times. I would recommend him for my family and friends. – Steve Wunderly

Dr Greene helped me get back to excellent health after a car accident. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Greene, he gets 5 stars in my book! – Philip Von Wrede – Aliso Viejo

Dr G, Thanks so much for the care of my son. He is doing well and excelling in his sports activities with the care and instruction he has received from you. ->Sincerely, I.L.

Dear Dr Greene,

I really want to thank you for the wonderful care you’ve provided me, especially during my pregnancy. The back aches were alleviated after you started treating me. – Sincerely, N.C.